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About VisualMobility

Savings through wireless integration

    · Wireless data transfer
    · On-screen remote support
    · Online machine localization

VisualMobility provides full wireless integration between office and machine.

Construction companies transfer reference models and software updates between office and machine control systems in the field via a wireless internet connection. This saves time and money since there is no need to travel, any longer. Extensive quality control ensures that the data available onboard the machine is up-to-date - VisualMobility always provides the most recent data.

Automatic synchronization between machine and office ensures that all information is always up-to-date. Therefore, the operator never again risks to choose old outdated data, and costly rework and loss of time is eliminated.

All you need is a web browser
Once logged on to the VisualMobility server, anyone can remotely support a field machine from a standard web browser. As of VisualMobility 2.0 it is possible to remotely support a field machine by connecting to it via the internet and thereby view and interact with the machine control system.

Getting started
    · Order a wireless modem and an account on http://m.visualmobility.com.
    · Log in, create a User for your machine, and upload data for it.
    · Insert your SIM card into the VisualMobility modem and connect it to the VMC-16 panel.
    · Everything is plug'n'play - any machine can be managed and supported from anywhere in the world.

Wireless, easy !